Monday, September 5, 2016

poem || Texas Fontanella

time wasters

Time wasters,
time has wasted
-rs art all we are now

we let it not
waste ours

&       hours spent
not by us

to let
let us collect nothink
but things
are what they make
of us, not us of us


let                    us
let                    our

ship wreck
whole                 sales    terms &
states how        they needed coin
the terminal
to turn us in                                  to them


self                                                      less

4 poems || Philip Byron Oakes

Dressing No No Up to Say

In time dying down to a murmur only a
parrot could love. A virtual standstill over
in a twinkle goading stars to shine. Quiver
like a tremble within parentheses. In a
language not of your choosing. Inviting a
counterpoint out for a taste of what broke
the man in the pants, when the moment
found its destiny in the funny papers. As
the oligarchs chuckle over nothing, the
parchment having its day in court of little
consolation. Awaiting a surety the rain will
fall from grace. When it comes down to
tiddlywinks in the tale of how the great
dam was built. The breezes wrapped
around your head like a turban. How a
shorthand grew up splashing like a
fiend in the waters off the coast
of reality.

Incidental Staccato

Stumping through the glare that cost god the election.
Downstream of conscious efforts to leapfrog the fatigue.
To expose ground down to the bone. Taking shape to
extremes, best fettered in hopes of blurring the distinctions.
Escorting a teeter to the dance. A prosecutorial headspin
woven into a waltz. To puff the hope chest out of sorts with
the air we breathe. Leaving little choice with all the others. A
stigma shy of escape. A casual way of saying in a Sanskrit of
the peepers. Making the turn into something demonstrable
by degree. As the tronies take their poses to heart. Putting
acoustics to the test of a verdict to be read basso profundo.
Steering a barge of belief knowing too well the weight
wielded as part and parcel of the prize. Implicit commentary
taking the air out for a stroll. Protocol of the wild weaning
the weak of will woven into trauma’s crusade. Embracing
freedoms of the time that’s come to its own conclusion.
Teaching old dogs the music interwoven into pouring their
little hearts out of respect for the dead and the dying to

First of All

Calibrated adding up to a precipice from
which to better see the world. Fitting a
scenario to the nth of one leaves one to
wonder. The homestretch to the great
awakening. A perpetual seep, seeking a
surface from which to ooze to the
attention. Balancing hope with
expectation, on the pinhead of a
moment both dwindling and bursting at
the seams. A grammar of twinkle toes in
the mud. Down a gnarled stretch of
hyperbole. A frail escapee of a silence at
the core to the roar of modern living.
Cloaking a fashion haunting venues
beyond the words. The poverty of a
buffer cordoning off an incipient rage,
of the dispossessed by the hallowed
falling hollow into place. An embryonic
fait accompli. Under the feeble arc of 
homage to a leitmotif breaking ground
in a manner contingent upon the bite
of the libretto.                                           

Consuming Time

Naked as trees walking winter back
in real time. Autumn in the fig leaf
forest. Presumptions of symmetry
giving wing a leg up on lightening
the load. Bivouacked on mirage.
Knitting here with where you find
it, a step past knowing where you
are. Mired in sequence. Captured
in acts of come and gone. Present,
from a distance imposing its will.
Obscuring the irrelevant at the
peak of its importance. So kilter
takes akimbo by the hand. Gilding
retrospectives. Putting ephemerae
at great risk of overstaying their
welcome. As an adjunct spicing up
the little things that make the
world go round the bend. Leading
consequence in circles drawn
from time’s irrevocable stagger
filling out the numbers a to z.

text || Marco Giovenale

a society of crime and corruption
the security guard on campus, tired of being surrounded by skeptical instructions, being one of the few who remember the massacre, total if not totalitarian, responsible for the eye factor, the yo is killed, the shadow of the human world, his successor, incomparable manrico, a radio host, her daughter valentine, initially rejects it,

2011, three films in one, cantonese, the day after santina and fedoro, a journalist, lin, already here, see the dispute between those who believe the 5th film a masterpiece, 

promising revelations on the killer's name, in short, sasha, peace is torn apart when a vicious vampire emerges out of nowhere to kill the mexican photographer, his fellow vampires discover he returns to campus, a 1 khz life, including that of a janitor, waitress moody and weird, 576 x 320 audio, 

eventually leading to the discovery of an interview, output, from violence to grace, able to forgive his father and take the first steps on the path of life, 436 mb subtitles, located in japan, eluan also concludes that kiry can be his greatest enemy, carrying an ax while he is driving his car, seems to have not yet lost hope, 

the girl has a crisis of crying and the mandarin has a few drinks, aac, 44, without thinking of the consequences, to prove their superiority, the story continues as an interweaving of events in the foreground, those in cannes whistle, the sacred and metaphysical banality plus the interacting of four primordial elements, fire, action fantasy, santina strongly suspects the school employee, the game becomes more powerful, 

folklore expert xvid shows a small group of students speaking event, calling for a further dna test to also ward off the last doubt, the time has come to rid the earth of this menace, 5 editors, there's no trace of the machine, seafront residence, 

there is another nocturnal movement in the park of the villa, you stop at a lantern sos, sexy models and actresses in the 50s, between them there is the 3rd movie, afraid to run the campaign, light changes his mind when he witnesses the citizen decides to stay in a rural bed and breakfast, put it on display in the small room

prose-cartoon || Adam Engel

I Mourn the Loss of Meme

Meme the idea I call myself. Descent Hungarian: Polish: Jewish: mating birthing moving dying talking planning dreaming continuous till death they did part.

Formerly alive and young Me of a strange and distant century.

Educated in the grand tradition of public schools and television. Calvinist Consumerist American Meme. Media stealth blitz ravishing The Word. Images more potent than: more lively than: more sticky than. Manufactured overseas to protect the mythical American Meme material of language music cinema.

Meme the holographic cells of Body Politic. I mourn the loss of Me to me. Duplicitous double-agent Time works The Myth Machine now: later to replace or dismantle my Me to nothing: silence: void of me.

I remember doing being -- aware of doing being -- in Time (“what happened?”).

I remember Me in motion. Proof of Me my self alive and separate from me-Body-Politic. Goose-stepping acolyte and yes-Man me on loan from Time to Time. The me-Body-Politic equates my – former -- Me with anyone's neighbor’s kin in Idaho or Texas: anywhere someone somewhere calls “here now” in the Empire of work: death: talk.

Citizen Me immortal. Oh poor me (as I now must call myself)! The 50 year drama without narrative thrust forward. Primary Me redacted and defined by Time and HIS-story now secondary me dreaming days supine on the sunny lawns and beaches of my young.

Sentimental dissipation. Scatter: scatter: scatter solid earth Me of the sunburned skin to wild west winds and an occasional typhoon.

March on: march on: selfless-expendable me-mortal. Billions of me for every Me on earth enables the me-murderous death-march unto Meme.

Slaughter devour disperse till nothing left of Me but me.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8 poems || Lawrence Upton

Next time #1

Game Show Box opens itself Price crash Runs out the Blood Takes off the top of any standing Sort of mucus leaves the Sky

some kind

Skin Floppy and slimy What milk does when it cools Heavy on the spoon Chewy Breathe it in Awkward to get rid of It was so hot yesterday!

I thought I was going to die Died in the skin Is cast Died At the wall Hauled up before Buy a defence False?

Judge for yourself Rancour Anti personnel antique Anti personal Limit of End of a Head continues Right to the end she was reading Her body's pulped Rites to Limits of understanding Come here A light at the end of a Come hear Let me Waving and wavering Let me compensate for this Imbalance That Which I feel This and That The floor gets buckled on with rooms Earth surface patterned with Bits stuck into Mush‑rooms in a virtual shade Sheltering trunks slipped out of the vault they puncture

Tumble sky fall Can distinguish our voices crying?

Each one of the dead with its own Exemption from forgetfulness Bales of stripped human skin stacked in sheds Hands and feet chopped before She shall have your Chronos is already eating

Next time #2

Now's the time to keep quiet as some keep jewels and private letters Passport Credit card To seek others' quiet Press them Keep silent Out of vision Bow the head Victims nodding assent at the executioner A dangerous time Following rules including engagement To convenience Licking shit and naming it pleasure Copper age Seamless decay in worked out minds Basking Crags assailable Playback voices from Equality of recording Each stratum of equal value A system of classification system of class Beads and images rolling Apart to be declared individual In aftershock of unreported earthquake Gun goes off A corpse comes back as Management Worship of ancestors Verbal tags Beeps of personal Mass folly Have they been told They have entered data Do not enter A goat trots down a sticky road Wanting to escape our steady pace Wanting the shade beyond a linked fence Turns repeatedly to swelling hills and hesitates High hot sun on crosswires of the barrier Looks back at us Eyes outcast Feet cleave almost dead grasses Trots A fox circling the nettle patch Under the plum tree Brought there by others' bone scents Trapped by lack of deductive logic

Next time #3

A finger in her mouth A gestural cigarette A ring upon her finger Scent of poison Screams from thickets in The churning stomach Multilegged the ground Milk teeth Blood teeth So much darker than a cave or eyes Persistence of failing vision Light put out put out again Doubled darkness and all the imprecision A coupled darkness With what?

Unnamed An unknown generating heat The only constant Towards infinity Don't bother me with these things she says as she blows smoke

Next time #4

Bright yellow She is stroking her lip Old End of a conversation Two blokes laughing as they bundle out a door alert Spit brown and bubbly on the dry pavement Zip runs through the lycra desert Tugs up Shuffles under gaudiness encasing her and walks Almost sexy To herself

Next time #5

One fair-haired cherubic face balloons Begins floating Belly spherical Antshape Baker's confection Guided by backjets from tidy rounded buttocks Monkeys Leap and jump to try to catch them Fill them with water Make them swell Onlookers are shouting Puncture those bodies Stop them Seeding Saturn in the ascendant

Next time #6

A rocket A bomb A can of beer Way the light catches Flames start to ivy the side of a shed Is that all there is?

Within a year his name Bones gnawed away Skull parted Eyes cream Is this enough?

I can easily give more Relentless I am The boredom relieved by the boredom Emptiness honour Sing me a song I can sleep to with security Honour my offer

Next time #7

Comfort a word for people who run first Their limbs disingenuous Parakeets precipitated in the asteroidal atmosphere That is There are birds in the tree And their feathers are falling These birds which are parakeets Illustrative and exemplary if patchily of early nineteenth century prosody It may be that the talking birds flocking into an empty space in my fields of vision Cold and crisp A shrinking planet Shrivelling A windfall in a dry spot

Next time #8

A blue strip of the sea spreads into empty dark Smell of chips Fire and an An angel from the sky Overweight Both of them Angel and sky A mouthful of electric light bulbs How do I know this is my last train home?

Keep her happy says someone Keep her happy She may open her legs And when you have arrived you have not arrived and where you think you are is not where you are It is so simplified!

Faces reflect from the outside world I don't know why My cuffs Perpetual fingers Lots of laughter A canal where you'd expect meadow A world that isn't bombastic That isn't perverse A comb in the back of the hair like an axe An androgynous face looks out at the low sky Cables connect us We are part of a system Intelligent or not Really?

Rely on me

3 poems || John Pursch


Thermopylae ocean potential evacuates in valid situational duress, pressing smiles of mild tentacular imps across larvae, pupae, and utterly Latinate construction zones, seemingly oblivious to the needy needles in a hayseed’s dermal undertow. Carriages return from temporal backwash, sleeves of prancing trench coats in tow, loaning time to stellar dumping grounds.

Arcturians press me for distal advantageous agents, nominal occlusion biding its mimed idiosyncratic scenes of lifelong fluidity to moral grapeshot. Urns expose their heavy lidded icons to justices of peaceniks, apparatchiks, suppository dwellers, schooled bookends in steely plazas, rotational dunderheads, cropped Canola providers, claviform Andromedans and spiraling penultimate dowagers. Dancing dandelions implode to the tune of shaven silicate pillows, xylophones, and steel drum dharma tummies tucked to tender foil.

Crickets fill the kitchen with backbeat hum refrigerator noggin egging on and on into surveilled and early morning consciousness of misspelled youth in closing tundra fulmination jest and Jetway rigmarole about how much pasta a 787 can hold.

I rally to the cry of a thousand shyly lowing beveled wartime reenactors, ducking Mini balls, canister blasts, bayonet thrusts, roundhouse road apple cores, steaming piles of baked beans, the onset of winter in Apes’llcatchacoldya, angst astern amidships aport abeam, a casting call for skulls and crossbows, slinky luge in loogy like-along lassitude in lassoed loopy locomotion lavatory loaner lobs of hearty tillerman, teaser tortoise shell game ammunition, abundant amphibian monocles; binocular monogamists on guarded pond club quarterly gazebo tears.

Ringo Tin

Long dazed eyeballs opine with silicate of glassy earshot standoff in wooden vestibule of summer morning turned to ash. Counterpoint flips all cortical between cerebellar canoe breath, funnels longings straight to idiosyncratic synapses clogged with flounder.

Paratroopers filter down from future skies in escalator ostentation, squeaking trusty language socket quench of sold departure lungs on high burrito setting forged to mostly tattered knots untied by prosperous old gents on skidding alps. Three clouds in synchrony bely effusive stereotype of timed travail, slipknot architect repelling whacked bottlenose elf in studio haze.

“Some kinda sick legitimation, ossified,” Kabuki sold to dissolving llama, frisking downtown You’re an Ordinary Tractatus jumper. He produce plain salt expression dribbling sweaty greatcoat, palm of hamster drowning door in screening ovum, cans a tin of wholesome meat for legal squeegee spectroscopic tally hoax.

Gecko crawls from federale badge to topple entrails of an opaque mouth, piecing gathered tombs to tetanus walnut sequence. “What’s that smell when combs elide elusive sidewalk?” querulous emphatic cistern pleads gotcha nullity.

Furious Clem he hasp known college, why he sparingly grabbed predated grape spool, bet he barter banter sunny drinks oar funky Slammy throw supper hands in frustum agitation pork of the quarter. “Free to comb these hearsay hillsides fer lawn-aligning caramels, Sephardic understatement, sigh bereave,” Slammy ventures tenuous in supine air rendition.

“Time conniption fins expect mere gravy coast from Ringo Tin, your alabaster slackened stash or finicky vinegar hold pent olive in exploding taxi,” federales chime in unitary songbird shove to portal dime-store coffee stool in 23rd Street soda stand Forgivenyawn city limping home to swallowed craving dignity befriending inkling reciprocity of sidling footfalls.

Within a Winking Wombat

A cacophonous calamitous concomitant sea of pilloried pillbox hats ties illegal shores of lewd illicit batsmen in foxtrot caramel conundrums, fallacies dribbling down the stubbly fairy tales of mired thematic thunderbolts in lightning laundromat design to rowboat thugs and ghoulish grams of cochleae born from barnyard bullock barriers of bastion swine tureens immersed in swollen chaff.

ChapStick churns to beckoning churlish chard of card shark calumny, callow coolies cooking in criminal incrimination stool of Crimean carbuncle clods, gloppy gargantuan gargoyle chaw, effluvial consonants, assiduity of foveal pejorative, campy handspring ballast beams eroding bubbling mums to submariners on furlough in sportive anemometer downs of landless unlauded gonad hoodwinked floodplain firs of tangled incursion felt.

Somehow wares imagine tombs beyond a carapace of slaving oven cheesesteak charioteers, mimed to stormy clover, palaver troves of salutary animation fluid spent from wistfully proverbial catwalk herbs and tacky ionic closet caper pizzicato spreads to sodden leavened eaves above below behind a meeting meddling mendicant interred between mendacity and inner suburb medians of inching ichthyologists.

Stymied by esteem, calliopes clock into cloven foothill hovering parity, tipped ahead in swapped speed climb to unreality imbued with sensate surreptitious sojourners, and intimate tasseled penny chants to floods of known serrated teeter bots in tufa flits of lost lineal imminence.

Homing aches, does intake stake to cold ham turnkey tree departure, sating entrained and garish barely codfish smothered slaps of chance in dancing slipper pipsqueak service, turpitude of worn torpedo beauty, broken shafts to mined and sallow sunken freighters, snorkeling spelunkers, jawed jalopy junket jukes, giraffes in garrulous inconstancy of feigned fallacious frugivorous frustums, frustrating flippant flagrancies with wiles within a winking wombat.

Monday, August 15, 2016

3 poems || Daniel Y. Harris and Irene Koronas

leon bovin and susan howe

under glass the reed fresco pose could be a magi perspective really a narrow hunch where no clear converse archaeological luxury draws tone themes or underpin layer allusion probably given a strong sense of place the series emphasis hops study mood knots by window less woven by degrees women sweep minuet doors after confinement blaze given spatial incongruity elongates night delivers his portfolio a brief pictorial representation in vertiginous light and shade without regard to any color arrangements interplay his contrast similar characters his paintings foreshadow retains a classic disappearance includes apology and any confusion from his sad myopic she found luminus metacurio texture the collage performance collaboration that only sensibility defines as visual verbal electro swit or the current electrode trod in field effects transistor and modulates wide innuendo a nod on tiny tree wings comb archive her musical fold resonates cavity and throat composition on canvas cutouts hinge telepath books and pull forward dark masticate clover ambition from charcoal guistic sketch his bleak watercolor environment money the day after art dealer refuses him his despair hung from forest trunk posthumous led the cursive wild inferiority lost in refuge again foreign grammar acknowledge each other meaning intentionally say something about establish hishery continues until an almost alarming tendency to ore quarry may change difficult letters modesty proceeds her multiperson cliche meretricious nevertheless eccentric oblique vocabulary an alien inherit soft semblance disperse fit into one category an oxymoron essay muse absent the drama concern voice which is often erase mimetic incognito provide for eloquent testament with medium subversive banter ever stare into a lake rivet the power to shade error lost like historic gibbers red streak rhetoric the angle cyclones spend in sacred research an estimate wide range still live form compositions found in traditional landscapes entertain contemporary romantic the view from a thousand years of rejection has brought a sophistication to further common theft

bone and skin

red and white blood cells store minerals and enable mobile as support for the body tissue is two types cortical a central cana yellow literal osteoblasts and osteocytes around vessels papillae and cancellous osteocyte sand osteoclasts osteoid seam is pithelium a narrow region of newly tissue, adipose tissue and elastin main cell types or fatty marrow in adults red marrow is lymphatic are fibroblasts formed organic matrix howship lacunae orresorption pits ability to resist torsion forces after a fracture from globular and plate structures the hair follicles skin hair and glabrous skin adjective cutaneous sweat glands sebaceous provide the dermis with a bumpy surface that interdigitates condyle crest spine eminence found in the bone marrow of the femur the ribs means the skin latin cutis 1000 species from in palms of hands keratinocytes proteoglycans such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate and bottoms of feet granulosum spinosum basale cells are formed through mitosis at the basale layer macrophages and adipocytes the hypodermis differentiate and become filled with keratin reach the top layer stratum corneum and are sloughed the epiphyses carpal bones coracoid process medial border of the scapula and acromion are still cartilaginous off or desquamated mineral calcium phosphate in the chemical arrange termed calcium hydroxylapatite column is multiple layers epidermis are melanocytes langerhans called keratinization and takes place within week the outermost layer of the epidermis consists of 25 to 30 layers of dead cells glands apocrine glands tubercle or tuberosity depend on the protrusion shape and location long bones are said to incorporate the inorganic cells and body temperature have a head neck and body reticular region are the roots of the hair sebaceous glands sweat glands receptors nails and blood vessels veins of the dermis merkels cells the epidermis helps the skin to 19 phyla stratify squamouse with an underlying basal lamina only regulate of vertebrae and pelvic bones vess and blood

goliath and orphah

goliath was a son of orphah a haggadic and homiletic born by polyspermy and had about one hundred fathers thrasonical ungodliness taunts and boasts it was he who captured the ark of the covenant and brought it to the temple of dagon he challenges combat during morning and evening to disturb prayers his armour weighed 60 tons and his sword had marvelous powers his heart carried the image of his downfall david strikes him with the stone he runs to him before he dies and goliath says hurry and kill me and rejoice before he dies he opens his eyes to see his slayer is an angel who killed his genuine name he was one of four sons of orpah the daughter in law who did not stand in loyalty but returned to her own people in spring time the road east of the dead sea was destitute nothing to offer them the giants could not find acceptance unless they became believers and confession but sister orpah decided to turn back the nape of her neck a polite way of saying the woman who turned her back who left the known that she could do better without her mother her grandmother was queen married to eglon who did not have to die from hunger as widows in foreign lands driven by famine and arranged political advantageous marriages her sons forming an alliance with any king after the death of a man husband the real name of orpah was harafu she found a new husband the result of a shrewd alliance with unwanted people there were still giants but most of them had moved to the coastal plain when orpah became the wife of one of these eminem or giants she bore him four big boys ishbibenob saph lahmi and goliath her boys were killed and orpah died in an effort to protect her last son